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Inflatable photo booth rental

Inflatable photo booths are the future. It's the easiest, quickest, stress-free way to have a photo booth at your Johannesburg or Pretoria event. 


Setting up is fast - like, fifteen minutes fast and the photo booth is quiet as a mouse.


Inside, you get a 32-inch touch screen which makes it easy to start your photo booth session. Outside, our state-of-the-art printer spits out your photo strips in 12 seconds flat.


We arrive around an hour before the start time of your photo booth rental to set up the booth so that you can maximize the number of photos taken during your booking. Your very own photo booth attendant will babysit the booth so that you don't have to.

yellow and white inflatabl photo booth

Photo booths: the ultimate solution for those awkward family gatherings where Uncle Bob insists on reciting his stand-up comedy routine, and Auntie Joan won't stop talking about her cats. Just duck into a photo booth, strike a silly pose, and voila! A permanent memento of the good times (or at least, a reminder of the time you tried to make the best of a bad situation). But seriously folks, photo booths have been around for over a century, providing endless hours of entertainment for people of all ages. Who doesn't love squeezing into a tiny box with their besties and striking a pose for the camera? It's like a grown-up version of playing "pretend" with your childhood friends. ​ But let's not forget the hilarious props that often come with photo booths. Giant sunglasses, over-sized hats, feather boas, inflatable guitars... the possibilities are endless. Just imagine trying to take a serious group shot while wearing a giant pair of clown shoes! That's the stuff of family photo album legends. ​ And let's talk about the expressions. Oh, the expressions! From the classic "cheese" smile, to the sultry pout, to the "why did I agree to this" scowl. The best part is, you never know what you're going to get until the prints come out. It's like a surprise bag of emotions, each one more entertaining than the last. ​ But let's not forget the technological advancements that have taken photo booths to the next level. Now, you can not only print out physical copies of your photos, but also upload them directly to social media. That's right, the world can now see that picture of you and your friends wearing inflatable sumo wrestler suits. #Winning. ​ And let's not forget the innovation in the actual booths themselves. Gone are the days of cramped quarters and poor lighting. Now, photo booths come equipped with all sorts of bells and whistles, from green screens to augmented reality filters. You can transport yourself to a tropical beach, become a superhero, or even have a virtual dance party. The possibilities are endless! So, whether you're capturing memories with friends and family, or simply looking for a silly escape from the stresses of everyday life, photo booths are the way to go. So, next time you're at a wedding, a family gathering, or just out for a night on the town, make a pit stop at the nearest photo booth and strike a pose. Who knows, you might just capture the shot of a lifetime... or at least, a shot that will make you laugh for years to come!

Stick the strips on your fridge with magnets

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