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Answers to the questions we get asked the most

Photo Booth Rental Questions and Answers

When do you arrive to set up the photo booth?

We arrive 90 minutes before the scheduled start time of the photo booth rental. Should you have an event manager, please supply us with their contact details so that we can ensure the photo booth is set up as required.

Does set-up time count towards my photo booth rental time?

Your photo booth rental time excludes the set-up time, so you'll have the full time available to take photos - if you book for 3 hours, you get 3 hours of unlimited photos. 📸

How much space do you need for the photo booth?

The photo booth takes up a space of 3.5m x 2m x 2m. The space needs to be under cover (because of the weather ☔️) and needs to have a ready power supply (we have a 30 meter extension chord 🔌).

Can I add a message and logo on the photo strips?

Of course. Our photo template designers can include these on your template as part of the Themed and VIP packages. Standard photo booth packages come with a default design. Have a look at our Facebook page for some inspiration. We usually use event invitations as a basis for the template design.

Can I extend on the day?

You can, if our schedule allows it. Most of the time we don't have scheduling conflicts, but if there is a photobooth scheduled for soon after your event, then we may decline. We require payment in cash (have some handy, please) before we can extend the photobooth session.

What does your photo booth look like?

Our mobile photo booths are enclosed, with a preview screen. We find that an enclosed photo booth works best for two reasons: we can control the light better, and people let their guard down when they know nobody's watching. 🤐

Are props included in all the photo booth packages?

Yes! We have a wide variety of photo booth props available - from hats to glasses to wigs to signs to noses to ears to scarves to gloves. We vary these constantly to keep up with trends.🍍

What size are the photos?

We usually print photo strips (two per photobooth session), which measure 15cm x 5cm. Each photo strip has four photos on it. Let us know if you would like an alternative design (like a polaroid) or a full photo per session.

How long do I have between each photo?

7 seconds - we find this is the perfect amount of time to change props while keeping you on your toes 🦄

How long do photos take to print?

47 seconds, from start to finish. We print them instantly after each photo booth session.

I'm not in Johannesburg, can I hire your photo booths?

Yes! Johannesburg is our home, but we travel all over Gauteng: from the East Rand to the West Rand, from Lenasia to Pretoria, from Alberton to Sandton. We do venture outside of Gauteng, for weddings mostly, but there's no harm in asking. 😉

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