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Read these carefully

Photo Booth Hire Terms and Conditions

By making any payment for the use of our services you accept these Terms and Conditions.


We agree to:

  • Provide you with a photo booth rental service. The service offered will be outlined on our website and/or on the quotation which we send to your email address.

  • Provide you with an unlimited number of photo sessions for the duration of the service.

  • Stop guests from making use of the service. We will only do this if our property is at risk of being damaged. We do not allow food, drinks, smoking or any unlawful conduct in our booths.

  • Extend the service by the time lost. We will do this when we cannot render the service for at least 80% of the initial duration of the service. We won't extend if we can render the service for at least 80% of the initial duration of the service. The photo booth's operation may be interrupted for maintenance, paper and ink replacement and minor software or hardware failures.

  • Share the photos taken with you electronically and post them to you, free of charge, should the printer fail during the service.

  • Refund you if we are unable to provide any service for circumstances which are within our control.

  • Contact you as soon as there are circumstances beyond our control which prevent us from rendering the service. Circumstances that are beyond our control include: power outages, load shedding, harsh weather conditions, traffic delays, the breakdown of our vehicles,  illness or equipment malfunctions. No refund will be given if circumstances beyond our control prevent us from rendering the service.

  • Extend the event upon immediate receipt of the extension fee. We do reserve the right to decline an extension. Payment of the extension fee is required before we grant the extension.

  • Terminate the service should the safety of our staff and equipment be at risk for any reason. 

  • Provide a discount to the first two bookings for your time slot.




You agree to:

  • Provide a reliably powered space of 3m length x 2.5m width x 2.5m height with cover from above and all sides within which to operate the booth. Such space should be available at least 90 minutes before your event's start time. We may arrive earlier than this, unless directed otherwise.

  • Pay the full amount for the service at least 7 days prior to the service date. If you do not make full payment for the service, we will cancel the service. Any deposit paid to secure your booking (up to 50%) is non-refundable.

  • Inform us of changes to the date, time and address of your event. Changes to the date or time which we are unable to accommodate will result in the loss of the deposit if such changes are made more than 7 days before your event. A fee may be charged for a date or time change.

  • Any changes within 7 days of your event will result in the loss of the full booking fee.

  • Pay for the loss or damage suffered by us because of the actions of you or your guests. This includes damage to our equipment and props.

  • Indemnify us against all liability during or after your event.

  • Pay for the removal of our contact details on your template.

  • Not provide a review or social media post of our services prior to such service being provided or without our prior written consent. Should you do so, you will forfeit any monies paid for the service.

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