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Anniversary and Birthday Photo Booth in Johannesburg

It's not often we get all our favourite people together in one room to celebrate so, when we do, we have to make it count. That's what Nana did this weekend in Johannesburg with a two-for-one celebration. She celebrated her 12th wedding anniversary and her 40th birthday at the same time. Such fun! Double the fun means double the prints. We printed four photos per session for guests to share amongst themselves.

We set up the inflatable photo booth for her and her guests to enjoy. As everything is automatic, our photo booth attendant had very little to do other than to encourage guests to let their hair down. The more adventurous ones chose our new Rastafarian dreadlocks from the photo booth props. They always make people laugh.

Thanks for having us Nana, we hope you'll love the photos and photo booth strips on your flash drive.

anniversary photo booth johannesburg

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