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Photo Booth Rental A-Z: S is for Social (Distancing)

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The easing of lockdown restrictions is reason to celebrate. Gather friends and family to catch up on those long-postponed invites. Every moment matters, so be sure to capture them with a photo booth rental.

Level Phew means we can be at your 50-guest-or-less event! So, have that celebration you've had to put on hold since March. Invite only those most special to you -- and us.

Worried about social distancing in a photo booth?

1. We provide free sanitiser for each session.

2. We have suspended props for the time being (you are welcome to bring your own).

3. Opt for the open-air photo booth to keep it breezy.

4. Our face detection, auto-start tech means you don't have to touch anything.

So before Cyril changes his mind... book your photo booth during lockdown level 2 and get 20% off!👀

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