Photo Booth A-Z: E is for Engagement

There's nothing worse than putting in all the effort for a brand activation only to see potential customers walk past your stand at a convention or exhibition. It's tough to break through the noise. And if you don't your brand activation risks becoming un-engaging wallpaper.

A photo booth can change all that. Getting prospective clients to engage with your brand in a way that's more tangible and will last longer than "giving away free stuff". We've also learnt, over time, that enclosed photo booths work better for conventions and corporate events than open-air or selfie photo booths. The reason? People are naturally shy in an open setting. They're especially unwilling to take photos in an open-air photo booth when their colleagues might be watching.

To bool your photo booth rental experience, request a quote. We've done activations for major brands. We also provide detailed post-event reporting on the engagement with the booth.

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