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Photo Booth Rental A-Z: O is for Open Air Photo Booth

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Breathe. Soon, we will have reason to celebrate. When lockdown ends, we'll provide photo booth hire services to Joburgers that cannot wait to share an occasion with friends, family and colleagues. Fun has stopped for a little bit, but when we have reason to laugh and smile again, a photo booth is an affordable way to turn your guests from serious to silly in seconds!

It's been ages since we last set up a photo booth (lockdown has a way of doing that), but we'll be extra careful when things get back to the way they were. For example, we'll set up our open-air photo booth. The non-enclosed option will alleviate some of your guests' anxiety. Props won't be provided, at least initially, to prevent any latent cross contamination. We'll provide hand sanitizer as guests before and after every photo booth session, too. These three measures are us doing our part to keep you safe at your next event.

The photo booth industry in Johannesburg has never had it quieter, but we're using this time to recharge and reflect, so that we can give you the best photo booth rental experience when lockdown ends.

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