3 ways to spice up a wedding reception

The real fun starts at the wedding reception - when the men loosen their ties and the women... what is it that women do in ladies' rooms again? We've been to a shed load of weddings (some of which were in sheds) so here's our three top tips to spice up the wedding reception:

1. Make (waiting) time fly

It's become the norm to wait while the bride (and groom) have their photos taken. It's important to get best snaps of the newly-wedded bliss. But that waiting time sets the tone for the rest of the evening. Snacks-while-you-wait are the go to 'entertainment' but guests need a bit more, and how much you give them depends on how long you'll take to have you wedding photos taken. Think clowns (not the IT kind), acrobats, candy floss and pop corn - or don't. But whatever you do, if there's a big game on, make sure there's sport. Nobody wants a, 'What's the score?' during the best-man's speech.

2. Home is where the Wife-I is

Being disconnected may be just the kind of escape your guests need in Lost-Signal-Ville (sorry Cell C), but to turn your wedding into an Instragrammable feast for the eyes, your guests need interweb access. Google the coverage of the venue - if there is, rent a dongle, or ask for free WiFi as part of the package. It'll be a thoughtful Thank You gift for the trek into the bundus.

3. Bands can be bland

Everyone's taste in music differs. While there are some must haves on a wedding playlist - the Chicken Dance at 9pm and Summer of 69 at 2am - nobody's come to the wedding to listen to the wedding singer. Rather, put on and invest in a experience (affordable photo booths, anyone?) which will add to the collective memory of your wedding.

The day will be a whirlwind. You will be exhausted at the end of it. But little bits of spice can make your wedding stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd.

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