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Photo Booth A-Z: D is for Digital Copies

We live in a digital age. The world's most popular camera is the iPhone. We share our moments and memories on Instagram and Facebook. In such a world, you might expect a photo booth with instant print outs to become redundant. You might expect that people want everything to be digitised. The opposite is true: in a world where physical photos are rare, the instant print outs from our photo booth rentals have become that much more precious. People stare at them at the event, show them to their loved ones, laugh at them, and cherish them. They put the photo strips in lockers, on fridges or on their desks at work. The photos taken on those special days serve as a permanent reminder of the memories made.

We're a digital business too. Without the internet, and Google, we probably wouldn't exist. We also share the full-size, high-definition photos taken in the photo booth with clients on a flash drive or on Google Drive. Frankly, we prefer Google Drive because you can share the link with everyone who was invited to your event. They'll be able to go through the photos in their own time and download the ones they want to keep.

Digital copies come standard with the Themed and VIP packages. So, what are you waiting for? Hire your photo booth today.

digital photo booth hire
digital photo booth

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