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Photo Booth Rental A-Z: K is for Kids Parties

Smile! Kids these days are glued to their smart devices almost 24/7. Many haven't even held a real life photo in their hands. That might be why they marvel at the instant photo strips delivered after their photo booth session with Moose Booths.

Moose Booths Photo Booth Hire travels across Johannesburg providing a photo booth immersion where guests enter serious and exit silly. All in a matter of 90 seconds.

In this digital age, you can also have your photo strips emailed to you - instantly - at the end of each photo booth session.

It's amazing to see how timeless the photo booth experience is. There's something about the permanence of the photo strips, capturing that moment with friends and family, and looking back fondly on the time you've spent with loved ones.

We love providing photo booth rental services and we'd love to be at your next event. To get a quote, give us a ring on 0611729829 or go to

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