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Photo Booth A - Z: A is for Activation

We're taking you through the A - Z of photo booth rental. It's a fun way to learn everything you need to know before you hire your next photo booth.

A is for activation. In today's always-on, always-connected age the battle is on to get customers to tear themselves away from their tiny screens and engage with your brand in the physical world.

Our modern photo booth rentals offer a unique opportunity to give potential customers a physical memory, a photo strip, of their engagement with your brand. They'll keep your photo strip on their fridge or at their desks long after your event.

You'll be able to upload your pics to your brand's social media pages, tag it with your special hashtag and get real-time metrics on the engagement with your brand or product launch.

Our photo booth rentals have made special appearances at some very special event marketing experiences over the years, including Old Mutual, Uber Eats, Shell and Mastercard - to name a few.

Get your photo booth quote today and up the engagement at your next event.

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