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Photo Booth Hire A-Z: P is for Party

It takes guts to organise a party. From the moment you send out those invitations, you've committed to entertaining your guests on the day of your event.

It isn't easy. Expectations are high and these days competition for attention is fierce: Netflix makes cancel culture, is your event worthy of an Instagram post?

That's where we come in. Our inflatable photo booth will have your guests gawking, smiling and laughing (sometimes hysterically). The photo strips, make the perfect Instagram post (with a dedicated event hashtag, maybe) when set against the background of your event's festivities.

Choose from the white or black inflatable photo booth. Rent the green screen version if you'd like to drop in your own choice of backdrop (up to 8 different ones) and up the wow factor.

Keep the physical memories by opting for a guest book. Have a permanent copy of the photo strips together with the increasingly rare handwriting of friends and family.

Rent your photo booth for Johannesburg and Pretoria events today. We even travel a little farther - often for weddings - so get a free quote today!

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