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Remembering Madiba's 100 In Our Photo Booths

100 years ago the world was a very different place. Nobody then knew that an icon was being born. One that would change the course of history in South Africa.

The photos captured then have long since faded. Nowadays, we have phones to capture every fleeting selfie, but there's something about the permanence of a printed record of the day's events. Too often, moments that should be cherished are relegated to the archives of Instagram.

That's where we come in. We instantly print the four photos taken with you and up to 7 other friends and family in our photo booths. We produce two copies with each session. Fortunately, our photo booth rental service offers unlimited sessions, i.e. as many as you can fit in, for the duration of your booking. That's exactly what we did with the 294 photos taken at  Philips  South Africa this Thursday in Woodmead, north of Johannesburg.

We'd like to think that Madiba, in his younger years, would have loved to share lasting memories with his loved ones. 

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