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Photo Booths For Corporate Events

Sandton, Johannesburg is the centre of South Africa's economy. It's where SA's brightest and best choose to do business, and so do we.

Have you ever been to a corporate function where everyone is a bit nervous of how they'll come across out of the office? We have, but our photo booth acts as an instant ice breaker.

There's always those eager beavers who can't wait to don a prop or two and get their print outs.

Once they show off their photo strips, the trickle turns into a stream and, before you know it, whole teams are climbing into our photo booth to get their copies.

Luckily, we print two copies for each session, which means there's no fights (and human resources issues). We also provide a flash drive with the evening's photos. They're perfect for the after party email so that staff can reminisce about the evening (or bury their heads).

Year end photo booth

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